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Quartz is a natural stone and is mined from the earth like diamonds. Cambria Quartz uses various sized stones of the purest, whitest quartz with some as small as a grain of sand. These small stones are mixed with 7% pigments and resin and compressed, much like how the Earth compresses granite, to form a strong, dense, non-porous slab.

The main difference in the many quartz brands on the market today is the quality of materials used. Cambria uses only the highest quality quartz and manufactures its designs at a state-of-the-art facility in the United States which gives Cambria a color palette with more depth and clarity than other quartz lines.

A benefit of choosing quartz is that the hand selection of material is usually not necessary. Stone Alliance will provide you a color photo layout of your project before fabrication begins.

We want you to stop in when it is convenient for you. We are open late on Mondays and open on Saturdays to accommodate people with busy schedules.

Please bring your measurements so our designers can prepare a quote for you. It is also helpful to bring a sample of a cabinet door, floor tile, paint colors, etc. to help select the perfect color for your project. Product samples can also be checked out and brought home for your convenience.

The process can vary depending on the stone you select (in case the stone is not available in our inventory, we will need to order it and be subjected to distributors availability), the installation address, etc. Usually it takes 10 business days from the day of approval of Firm Quote by customer until the final date of installation.

Our field technician will come to your home to measure for your new countertops. These measurements are then sent to our engineering department where they are double checked and programmed for fabrication. Since we use a digital laser to measure it is not necessary to remove your existing countertops.

Remnants refers to the stones that we are left with after cutting slabs for other projects. The material is just as good as a brand new full slab, and the only difference is the size. Usually, remnants are not suitable if you’re looking for a huge kitchen countertop or other big projects. If you are looking for a small project such as a bathroom vanity top, using a remnant would be a wise choice.

Granite is a natural stone mined from quarries all around the world, cut down to a manageable size, and then polished to a fine finish. It is a durable material that’s resistant to heat. Due to its porous nature, it can stain if spilled liquids are left sitting – It is recommended that you reseal this stone once a year. Quartz is a “man-made” stone and its manufactured using a mixture of ground natural quartz, pigment and polymer resins. This stone requires little maintenance and does not need to be resealed. Quartz is not heat-proof and can be damaged by excessive heat contact.

We will match or beat any competitor’s price as long as the quote you have is official and prepared according to industry standards.

We require a 50% before templating and then a 50% final payment before installation.


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