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Why Choose Granite countertops for your Kitchen?

Kitchen granite countertops offer beauty and durability that other materials can’t match. Learn about the benefits of this stylish material so you can make an informed decision for your kitchen remodel.


Kitchen Granite Countertops


Granite countertops are a popular choice for home renovation projects due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. Granite is an igneous rock that is formed deep beneath the Earth’s surface by the cooling of molten magma material, making it extremely solid and impressive in appearance. It has also earned its place as a premium countertop material due to its high resistance to heat and chemicals such as acids and staining. In addition, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns which allows homeowners to customize their counters according to their individual taste.


These beautiful Kitchen Granite countertops are incredibly easy to clean and require little maintenance when properly sealed. However, there is some debate about whether or not granite should be sealed regularly; while many professionals recommend that it should be done every few years, others believe that it may not be necessary if the countertop is taken care of properly. Furthermore, granite is quite heavy so when installing or removing it from the property warranty contracts need to be considered carefully in order to ensure no damage will occur.

black kitchen granite countertops ottawa
White granite countertops in kitchen

Overall, when considering renovations involving kitchen counters, granite makes a great choice given its strength, beauty, versatility and low maintenance requirements. Of course, depending on your budget there may be other materials available that suit your needs better but if you’re looking for an impressive statement piece with unique features then you definitely can’t go wrong with granite!


What are the charactersitics of Granite

It's usually light in color with speckles of black, Gray, and earth colors that can enter the rock during its formation. Such as Uba Tuba Granite and Bianco Sardo which are excellent choices for entry-level Kitchen Granite countertops.

Granite has a uniform grain structure and is very strong due to its nature as an igneous stone formed from crystalline interlocking base materials like quartz, feldspar, and mica that have cooled over time beneath the surface of the earth’s crust.

Natural stone such as Granite is resistant to heat, stains, and scratches due to its density and hardness; therefore it is often used for kitchen countertops because it can endure extreme temperature changes without cracking or chipping.

Granite has a low absorption rate so it doesn't easily stain if sealed correctly after installation; however, it's more prone to staining than other types of natural stone such as marble or limestone so sealing regularly is essential for maintaining stain resistance in high-traffic areas. It also comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns which makes it ideal for many decorative applications both indoors such as kitchen granite countertops, bathroom vanities, shower walls, and fireplaces, and outdoors due to its durability which withstands even freezing weather conditions without cracking or chipping away like softer rocks may do when exposed to cold temperatures over long periods of time.

Here are some Pros and Cons of Granite

Pros of Granite

Durability: Granite is an incredibly durable material that can stand up to everything from hot pots to cutting knives, making it perfect for kitchen surfaces that take a lot of wear and tear.

Low Maintenance: Granite requires very little maintenance and cleaning, generally requiring only mild soap and water solutions when necessary.

Versatility: Granite countertops come in a vast array of colors and patterns, which makes it easy to find the perfect shade or pattern to match any kitchen style.

Heat Resistant: The dense structure of granite has been proven to be resistant to heat, allowing you to rest hot dishes or pans directly on them without the fear of discoloration or damage.

Increased Value: Since granite is such a valuable material, installing it in your home can significantly increase its resale value when the time comes for you to put it on the market.

Cons of Granite

Costly Installation and Fabrication : Installing granite countertops can be quite costly due to the labor involved as well as transporting the large slabs from fabrication shops and manufacturers.

Susceptible To Staining And Chipping: Despite its high level of durability, granite countertops can still chip or stain if not properly sealed or maintained, particularly around cuts and edges where liquids may seep into tiny crevices over time and discolor the surface beneath it.

Sealing Required : While many people are attracted by the low maintenance quality of granite countertops, they must also realize that sealing these materials every one or two years is part of proper care so that they are able to resist staining and discoloration over time due to liquid exposure in food preparation areas like kitchens or bathrooms


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